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Based on the world bestseller "The GOAL" that is highly praised by top executives around the world, this half-day online training program develops dependable managers and next-leaders.


1. Story

"Rebuild this plant within three months, or I will close this place down."

Through the inspiring story of the protagonist, who is faced with a sudden business crisis, overcoming difficulties while cooperating with his colleagues and growing through dialogue with his mentor, this book provides the essentials for dramatically increasing productivity.



Half-day training on the essence of holistic management


"The Goal" has been used as a textbook at Harvard, Stanford, and other top business schools (MBAs) for many years and is recommended by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as one of his top three business books.

In this training course, participants will learn the core of TOC (Theory of Constraints), which focuses on system bottlenecks as explained in "The Goal",

and the management of total optimization in a short period of time.

Three Reasons to Choose "The Goal" Training

1)Develop human resources who can think and act autonomously from the perspective of total optimization
This Half-day training program can develop human resources who can think and act in a holistic and optimal manner. You will understand the logic of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), which may be difficult to understand only by reading "The Goal". The program provides full of hints for improving bottlenecks, resolving conflicts, and achieving work-life balance.

2)Animations and expert explanations help you understand the essence of the product
Difficult concepts can be learned in an easy-to-understand manner through animated illustrations. In addition, the important key points are explained by Yuji Kishira (CEO of Goldratt Japan), a disciple of Dr. Goldratt, author of "The Goal." You will understand the essence of the Theory of Constraints.

3)Dr. Goldratt’s real voice messages give you a deeper understanding of “The Goal.”

Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, a physicist, author of "The Goal" and creator of the Theory of Constraints, himself provides commentary to deepen your understanding of its essence.


​Training Contents

Content covered in the training (in part)

✔︎How to think logically with cause & effect

  (Cause & Effect)

✔︎ 3 indicators to measure productivity improvement

✔︎ What is the company's objective (The Goal)?

✔︎ The concept of constraints (bottlenecks) and how to find them

✔︎ The most important point to achieve total optimization

✔︎ Pitfalls of partially optimized kaizen

✔︎ Negative effects of using constraints (bottlenecks) for waste

✔︎ How to dramatically reduce lead time

✔︎ How to generate dramatic profits by using your strengths as a weapon

✔︎ Why TOC is a reproducible scientific theory

✔︎ Framework for creating scientific hypotheses

✔︎ Why we need "The Goal", a life goal

The Goldratt Group's expertise in corporate turnarounds has been consolidated in this program. You will learn universal business skills to dramatically improve the performance of any business, not just manufacturing


This practical online training program allows you to learn cutting-edge scientific management theory in a fun and easy-to-understand way that directly leads to results.

Overall structure (video approx. 3.5 hours + workbook)

View the movie "The Goal" and experience the story of the main character's growth as he overcomes a series of business challenges that confront him. Then, the participants will carefully take up each important point of the story and carefully learn the logic of problem solving behind it. A special workbook called "Learning Notebook" (PDF) will be distributed to participants.The participants will answer questions as they take the class, and at the end of the class, they will work together to reflect on their learnings.. The Goal" training can be conducted flexibly at any time and date according to your company's schedule.

​1.5 hrs


Animation covering the latest in TOC, which has continued to evolve since the publication of "The Goal" in 1983. 

​2 hrs

Commentary by Yuji Kishira, renowned for his fun and easy-to-understand lecture style.

Five mechanisms to link learnings to implementation in the field

1)Learning Notebook which makes learning a treasure that will last a lifetime

2) YWTM -A group discussion tool that leads to results through practice

3) TOC Wisdom (FAQ)  All the knowledge about the total optimization management theory TOC

4) WEB Concierge  Answer concerns and questions about the practice

5) The Goal Community -where participants present their achievements to each other and learn from    each other across company and industry boundaries

Who should take the course

This program is suitable to anyone who has high aspirations to improve their organization and their workplace.

(The Goal has been read by a wide range of people, from students and new employees to CEOs, and continues to produce some of the world's leading executives. It is also widely used in MBA courses and in corporate training programs for new employees and executives.)


Japanese Edition and English Edition are available

This "Goal Training (English version)" is designed for foreigners working for Japanese companies in Japan or Japanese companies overseas. A global version will be released separately.


Movie and lecture videos are provided through a dedicated video delivery system. Workbooks and other materials are also available for download.

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Compatible with PC (Windows/Mac), tablets, etc.

Use for F2F group training and online training
(We also provide operational know-how.)


*If 200 people take this course, per capita price (1,375 yen/person)  is almost same as the price of “The Goal” (Paperback edition $ 15)

275,000 yen (tax included/unlimited viewing for 1 year) 
1)Unlimited number of viewers can join in the group and online sessions.
2) No limit to the number of times the video can be viewed per year.
3)The same ID cannot be used by more than one person to log in/view concurrently.

Customer Testimonials

"The employees who have received this training are now helping those around them in a holistic and optimal way, even when they remain silent."

"I thought 'The Goal' was only for the manufacturing industry, but it's really about total optimization.
I realized it's a theory that can be used in any organization."  

"I am a senior expert in manufacturing and still have learned a lot."

"The most important achievement of all was having the opportunity to think about "The Goal" of the company and of my life."

"I used to think it was a good thing for everyone to work hard and keep busy, but now I see that it is not correct."
"It is the best training to develop people who work autonomously with their own goals.
"This is a complete set for training of new employees."
"Surprisingly, I didn't get sleepy at all. It was overwhelmingly enjoyable. Plus, it has boosted my motivation."

"I had read "The Goal" a long time ago, but I never realized how deep it was."

How to order "The Goal" Training

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If you need a quote or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Free DEMO/Information Session (English)

We offer an online information session that includes viewing the actual animated movie and a portion of the lecture (40 minutes total).Please feel free to join us for a detailed explanation of the features of the educational materials and how the training will be run. If you have any question in English, please feel free to contact us by email. We can offer an individual zoom session,

​If you would like an individual explanation, please contact us using the contact form above.

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